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  • What are Flash Cards?

    Flashcards are not something that came about in the 21st century. They are an age-old method of understanding and recalling concepts better using a process called active recall. Students use flashcards during exams and assessments to quickly learn complicated concepts and retain them for longer. Even parents can use flashcards...
  • #GIVEAWAY Contest!!! Collaboration with @ripplesim!

    Hi guys! We are having a giveway with @ripplesim, a family, lifestyle and travel influencer. Now you stand a chance to win the full bundle set of the P3-6 flashcards. Simply follow the instructions in her IG post below. Act fast as the contest will end on Tuesday 7 Apr...
  • 4 Ways your Child can Deal with Suspension of Tuition Class

    The Government announced on Tuesday (March 24) that all centre-based tuition and enrichment classes will be suspended from 26 Mar 2359hrs to 30 Apr 2020 to further reduce the spread of COVID-19 virus. It will definitely disrupt the exam preparation of your child. April is the month of SA1 exam...
  • Online Learning with Activity, Worksheets and Flashcards

    We are starting a new series of online learning. In the following weeks, we will be using the Inquiry Approach + Hands on Practice + Flashcards on the following topics: Lower Primary Science - Plants, Magnets, Digestive System, Muscular and Skeletal System Upper Primary Science - Cells, Electricity, Adaptations of...
  • How do you solve ONE HUNDRED problem sums in one hour? (FB Live)

    How do you solve ONE HUNDRED problem sums in one hour? Julie, our Guest Speaker shows you. Julie is the Founder and Owner at ISchool Singapore Math
  • HOW to answer different types of Science questions in the Science exam (Online Workshop)

    Does this sound familiar to you: you look at the low marks of your child's Science paper and wonder why. You look through the exam paper, hoping to find a trace and figure out why the marks are low but still end up confused? You want to know why your...
  • Reading Aloud Podcast (Free Download before Buying)

    For 2018, we have launched a new service: Reading Aloud Podcasts! To give you a better idea on HOW to Read the Passages in our PSLE Oral book (2nd Edition), we have launched a Reading Aloud Podcast Service! We will also give you the tips and pointers to note about...
  • Learnintt Oral Book (2nd Edition)

    Watch this video to learn more about our Learnintt Oral Book (2nd Edition) for PSLE. Mandy Zhang, our founder who has more than 16 years of experience in this field created this book.
  • Dos and Don'ts of Oral

    Only when you see it for Yourself, then you Understand why certain things are strongly discouraged during Oral Exam. Watch the video with your Primary School Child and see how many mistakes your Child can spot.
  • 6 easy steps to writing in your Chinese 便条 exam Part 2 (FB Live)

    6 easy steps to writing in your Chinese 便条 exam Part 2

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