HOW to answer different types of Science questions in the Science exam (Online Workshop)

Does this sound familiar to you: you look at the low marks of your child's Science paper and wonder why. You look through the exam paper, hoping to find a trace and figure out why the marks are low but still end up confused? You want to know why your child got this question wrong, but you are totally clueless? Is it a careless mistake? Is it the answering technique? Is it because your child did not study enough? Or is the exam too difficult?

In this workshop, we share the KNOW-HOW with you. HOW to answer different types of Science questions in the Science exam. We impart these KNOWledge to you (The KNOW and HOW) so your child can avoid making these mistakes in the next exam. Knowing the enemy is half the battle won. Help your Child to identify weaknesses and guide him on his way to "A".

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Buy one ticket and the whole family can join the workshop. No need to worry about going out in the rain or to a far location. This event is for all parents and children across the island of Singapore. Need to review and take notes? It's easy, the online workshop will be available for 48 hours and you can watch it as many times as you want. Workshop notes and materials will be sent to you via whatsapp beforehand. You can review these important notes on your mobile phone, iPad or smart TV anytime, anywhere, 24/7.

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Updates (31 Jan 2020):

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