4 Ways your Child can Deal with Suspension of Tuition Class

The Government announced on Tuesday (March 24) that all centre-based tuition and enrichment classes will be suspended from 26 Mar 2359hrs to 30 Apr 2020 to further reduce the spread of COVID-19 virus.

4 Ways your Child can Deal with Suspension of Tuition Class

It will definitely disrupt the exam preparation of your child. April is the month of SA1 exam preparation for most primary school students and Oral is usually held in mid April.

  • Paper 1 in third week to fourth week of April
  • Paper 2 in late April to early May

And PSLE Exam is just 6 months away, how can any parents not be worried?

2020 PSLE Exam Dates

But do not panic, we at Learnintt provide some advice:

  1. Self-Learning – Use this chance to instill self-learning in your child. Child can practise questions from assessment books and papers. Parent can help by marking the work to monitor the progress
  2. Routine – Even if tuition classes are suspended, the child should still use the same timeslot to revise the exam. Have a schedule ready and make sure your child adheres to the revision schedule strictly. In this case, the child will be able to adapt when tuition classes resume on 1 May 2020
  3. Online Learning – As physical tuition classes are cancelled, online learning is an alternative you can consider

There are three types of online learning

    • ‘Live’ lessons: The teacher conducts ‘live’ lessons in real time while the students watch. This is good for students who prefer to keep to a certain schedule
    • Pre-recorded lessons: Some teachers have recorded the lessons and uploaded them onto the server. The student can choose to watch the lesson at a time of his/her convenience. This is suitable for students who prefer to stick to their own learning schedule
    • Specific purpose: There are online sessions that are purely FAQ where the student asks questions and the teacher answers them. These have a specific purpose in mind. Learnintt has conducted Oral Exam Practice sessions via whatsapp video and Skype. These are usually for a one-time session, tailored for a specific learning objective
  1. Right learning materials – As everyone practises social distancing; the idea of visiting a physical bookstore may not be very appealing. It is advisable to get the right learning materials online

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