Science Tips

  • What are Flash Cards?

    Flashcards are not something that came about in the 21st century. They are an age-old method of understanding and recalling concepts better using a process called active recall. Students use flashcards during exams and assessments to quickly learn complicated concepts and retain them for longer. Even parents can use flashcards...
  • 4 Ways your Child can Deal with Suspension of Tuition Class

    The Government announced on Tuesday (March 24) that all centre-based tuition and enrichment classes will be suspended from 26 Mar 2359hrs to 30 Apr 2020 to further reduce the spread of COVID-19 virus. It will definitely disrupt the exam preparation of your child. April is the month of SA1 exam...
  • Online Learning with Activity, Worksheets and Flashcards

    We are starting a new series of online learning. In the following weeks, we will be using the Inquiry Approach + Hands on Practice + Flashcards on the following topics: Lower Primary Science - Plants, Magnets, Digestive System, Muscular and Skeletal System Upper Primary Science - Cells, Electricity, Adaptations of...
  • HOW to answer different types of Science questions in the Science exam (Online Workshop)

    Does this sound familiar to you: you look at the low marks of your child's Science paper and wonder why. You look through the exam paper, hoping to find a trace and figure out why the marks are low but still end up confused? You want to know why your...
  • How to score in PSLE Science (FB Live)

    In tonight's webinar, we share the importance of Science keywords and key concepts with you.
  • How to use Science Flashcards to answer RG* Exam Paper (FB Live)

    How to use Science Flashcards to answer RG* Exam Paper, start from 52:10 or just start from 0:10 to know all about the Science Flashcards!

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