On Learnitt (Learning in Transit)

Q: Who are you guys?

Learnintt is committed to bringing high quality assessment books to students, teachers and parents. Our main focus is in helping students learn and understand the school syllabus in a clear, smooth and efficient manner. To ensure accuracy and quality, all Learnintt books go through a series of editing and checking before they are introduced to the market.

Learning in Transit company was set up in 2015 to develop learning materials, teaching materials and interactive learning so that students can learn better, faster and easier. We believe in promoting a positive learning attitude and we aim to bring the “Learn through Play” concept to you. Flashcards, online learning, workshops and learning journeys are some of the things we do.

All our Flashcards, worksheets and books are updated to the latest MOE syllabus, checked and edited by ex-MOE Teachers to adhere to the PSLE Marking System.


Q: What products do you have?

As of 2020, we have:

  • Pri 3, Pri 4, Pri 5, Pri 6 English Oral Books in E-book format and hard copy format
  • PSLE SCIENCE flashcards in hard copy format
  • PSLE CHINESE flashcards in hard copy format

All our books, flashcards and materials are made for Pri 3, Pri 4, Pri 5 and Pri 6 students, with the latest MOE syllabus and adheres to the latest PSLE Marking System.


Q: Please tell me more about Pri 3 to Pri 6 English Oral books.

All our books, flashcards and materials are made for Pri 3, Pri 4, Pri 5 and Pri 6 students, with the latest MOE syllabus and adheres to the latest PSLE Marking System.


Q: What are “PSLE Science” flashcards about?

PSLE Science” consists of commonly-tested questions that are often found in tests and exams. There are also Science notes (Quick Tips) you can use for quick revision.


Q: Will you be launching more books?

Yes! Please stay tuned!


On Buying

Q: Must I register to make a purchase? Do I need an account?

For first time buyers, you need to create an account to make a purchase. An email with your login details will be sent to you.  On your next purchase, you just login with your e-mail address and password. Logging in will save you the time on re-entering your billing information, allow you to view your previous purchases and download your E-book(s) (if any).

For existing customers, just login and you are ready to go!


Q: I forgot my password, what should I do?

Click  here, enter your e-mail address and we will send you a temporary link to reset your password.


On Payment, Refund

Q: Can I get a refund?

Please note that there is no refund once you have made a purchase.
All E-Books, books, flashcards and materials are checked before they are sent to you, so there will be no refund or exchange.


Q: Where can I view my past purchases?

After logging in, go to "My Orders" to see your past purchases.


Q: What are the modes of payment?

We accept Paynow,ATM Bank Transfer, Internet Bank Transfer, Paypal& Credit Cards (Mastercard/Visa). 


On Product, Copyright, Exchange, Delivery

Q: Are there any delivery costs?

For E-book(s), there are no mailing costs as it is a soft copy download.

For hard copy materials like books and flashcards, there are mailing costs. You can choose:

Smartpac(2-3 days to letterbox),

Roadbull(next-day doorstep delivery for all orders and payment made before 2pm, Monday to Friday. Orders made on Saturday and Sunday will be delivered on Monday) or

self-collection at selected tuition centres(not available during Covid-19 period due to safety). The mailing costs will be made known to you during checkout. It will be added as part of the total costs during checkout according to the mailing option the customer has chosen.


Q: Can I let another person use my purchased E-book, books and materials?

To protect the copyright of our writers and to protect the customer against copyright infringement, this is a no-no. You are not allowed to circulate the purchased E-book(s), books and materials.


Q: My E-book(s) did not download as supposed/I did not receive the hard copy books/flashcards, what should I do?

All digital products will be available for download under My Account > My Orders. If you do not see it after purchase, please contact us immediately.

All hardcopy books/flashcards will be mailed to you using the mailing address you provided at checkout. The process is:

  • All payments are to be made by 1.30pm.
  • Once payment is received, we will prepare the package. Photo-proof of the package and address will be sent to the customer through whatsapp between 2-3pm.
  • After the customer has checked and confirmed that the address is correct, the package will be mailed out by 3.30pm that day.
  • For payment received after 1.30pm, it will be prepared and mailed out the next day, with the same arrangement as above.

You should receive the package according to the mailing option you have chosen:

  • Normal mail (2-3 days),
  • AM mail, letterbox delivery (by 11am the next day)
  • SmartPac with tracking no (1-3 days)

Please note that Learnintt(Learning in Transit) is not liable for lost mail. It is highly advised that the customer opts for AM Mail and Smartpac as these can be tracked and traced.
Learnintt(Learning in Transit) is also not liable for mail damaged during delivery as this is something not within our control. We ensure all books, flashcards and materials are checked and packages are carefully sealed before mailing out.


Q: The product I received is different from the product I purchased. What can I do?

Usually, this should not happen.

If this happens, firstly, we apologise for the mistake on our side. Please contact us through email or whatsapp within 3 days so we can do a check. Once checked and verified, we will do an exchange and contact you on how to go about it.


Q: Is the product information accurate?

Yes. All information is correct and up-to-date