PSLE Lower Primary Science Flashcards V4

PSLE Lower Primary Science Flashcards V4

PSLE Lower Primary Science Flashcards V4

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Your best PSLE guide to the Science exam is here!

Note: See the review by Cheekiemonkie.

Introducing version 4 of our Science Flashcards in Full Colour, front and back! Edited by ex-MOE Teachers to adhere to PSLE Marking System to enhance the Quality of all Flashcards!

Made for Primary 3 & 4 students, PSLE Science flashcards V4 consist of all Science chapters from Primary 3 & 4. It includes commonly-tested questions that are often found in tests and exams, allowing the student to have quick and efficient revision.

Flashcards help to trigger active recall, an important factor most children need at times of pressure and test. When children use flashcards on their own, they will, in turn, self-reflect on the answers. This self-reflection helps them develop evaluation skills. In this manner, children also build up their self-confidence and independent studying skills when they use flashcards.

Flashcards are designed based on a learning concept called 'spacing'. This allows the learner to capture a fact or concept through spaced events, allowing the learner to retain information for a longer period using very little effort. This is crucial during exam periods where time is tight and there's too much to revise

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PSLE Lower Primary Science Flashcards V4
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Cards Features:

1) Edited by ex-MOE Teacher


2) Full Colour, With Pictures and Words

More questions have pictures in them now

Eye-catching, student will continue to be engaged even after going through many Science chapters


3) Many MOE Schools ordered and are using in their classes


4) Great review from customers


5) Handy & Portable

A6 size

Easy to Bring Around, Portable


Can revise the Science Flashcards Anytime, Anywhere!


6) Contents Page with Colour Coded Chapters and No of Cards At a Glance

Inspired by the Rainbow (Cake)

Easy Sorting

Easy Referencing


7) Colour Strip at Top of Card

Easy-to-Find! Just take out the chapter you want by looking for its colour code!



8) Chapters and Pages - for easy classification and referencing

A deeper referencing system for sorting




9) User Manual

Step-by-Step instructions given on how to use the Flashcards for Studies and Exams Efficiently

Parents, Educators, Tutors and Students Can Refer to the Manual on How To Use The Flashcards

With End-User Experience in Mind


10) Flashcard Games

Learn Through Play, Active Learning is encouraged by the government too!

Children are more willing to use the Flashcards

Parents can play with their children and make it bonding time!

Teachers can play Flashcard Games in groups of 5, 10 and even as an entire class!

Can play with Friends in School too!


11) Breakdown of Complex Concepts into Multiple Simple Questions

Divide and Conquer Strategy

More Active Recall


12) One Question, Per Card

Prevent Information Overload

Can study information from both sides easily

Clear and User-Friendly on the Brain


13) Tips with Essential Keywords/Golden Words

Helps student to score marks in Booklet B by telling them which are the Keywords to use

By revising these keywords, student is also revising Science core concepts for Booklet A at the same time


14) Points

Help the student to keep track of his progress, like a report book.

Can also track his improvement according to Days, Weeks and Months using Spaced Repetition and the Leitner System


15) Mnemonic Devices (Unique Names & Characters)

First and Only Company in Singapore to do this!

Fun, local names help in Content Retention

Brain remembers Fun and Interesting content for a longer time

International celebrities and Youtubers included! 


What some of our customers says:

"I recently bough the flash cards and the Science Test papers as a bundle. My kids love the flash cards and they even do role play as teacher and students. They mentioend that it is even more easier to remember the notes now.. Kudos to the entire team for the flash cards.. Just a small suggestion.. Hope to get a summary of the chapters that the flash card have, so that we will not misplace any cards."
Mogana Hari, Parent


"I purchased both the Science and Chinese flashcards for my daughter who is sitting for this year's PSLE. The flashcards are very practical, handy and most importantly, the contents are up-to-date. My gal loves the flashcards and find it useful for revision purpose. I even use the flashcards to brush up on my Chinese vocabulary. A definite thumb up!!"
Charles Lim, Parent


"Hi, just received the flashcards. Awesome cards. My daughter loves Taylor Swift, thus she will love it as her name is in it. Can't wait to go thru the flashcards with her. The humorus names you hv given for the questions will definitely get the kids to read the cards and go thru it. Appreciate greatly for your help."
Sandhi Valdaraju, Parent


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