Excelling PSLE Comprehension Book

Excelling PSLE Comprehension Book

Excelling PSLE Comprehension Book

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“PSLE Excelling Comprehension” book by Learnintt revolutionises Comprehension by infusing 20 Comprehension Skills, Story-Telling, Past Year Papers, Roald Dahl, Shakespeare, Vaccines, Harry Potter, Stand-up Comedy, Baby Shark, UNESCO sites and more into one!

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Excelling PSLE Comprehension Book
Excelling PSLE Comprehension Book
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We explain, help you understand, practise and most of all, EXCEL in Comprehension. Since we can expose the young to exhilarating concepts like Urban Farming while fortifying their Comprehension skills, why not? Hence, “PSLE Excelling Comprehension” book stimulates interest and builds skills that an individual needs to scale the exam bar and, incorporate into the future workplace. For P6, P5 and IB Students.

Each unit teaches one Comprehension skill, complete with clear and easy-to-follow instructions. The aim is to ensure every student can pick up all 20 Comprehension skills smoothly. 3 practices are given for hands-on practice, so the Comprehension skill is drilled into the student. There is a step-by-step demonstration per chapter for easy reference. This will provide a visual compass and additional assurance that the student is doing it right. Students can keep track of their progress by filling in the “Comprehension Achievement Chart” after they complete one chapter. This progress chart will definitely motivate them to put in their best. Once completed, the student will receive a bookmark as a prize!


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The Learning Professionals have devised the Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y. Method, a step-by-step guide to score with flying colours in Comprehension.

Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y. Method

Q - Question
U - Understand
A - Answer
L - Light
I - Interesting
T - To
Y - You Go through Questions first, Understand it, then Answer, so it becomes Light and Interesting To You!


Competency Skill Building Standard: F.I.A.E.

The aim of Comprehension is to train up skills that lets students “level up”, so we have created our own Competency Skill Building Standard aka the Gold Standard for Comprehension


F.I.A.E. Competency Level

Fundamental Awareness – having basic knowledge of the text

Intermediate – able to answer independently, with a good Vocabulary foundation

Advanced – requires Critical Thinking and Analysis Skills, while using and applying information from the text

Expert – Critical Thinking, Analysis and the ability to form one’s opinion are highly required, hence student is trained to have Excellent Judgement skills needed for Secondary and Tertiary Education

:) This helps you to assess your Competency Level in Comprehension. You can identify the weak areas and work on them, while maintaining your strengths at the same time.

Note: The Student will be awarded the F.I.A.E. bookmark as a victory for completing the book, details in book.

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