PSLE March Comprehension Holiday Program

PSLE March Comprehension Holiday Program

PSLE March Comprehension Holiday Program

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6 days programme: 15 March – 20 March 2021

Timing: 9 am – 12.30 noon

If your Child is not available on some days, he can view it later as the Zoom session will be recorded and available for viewing 14 days after the course.

What You Get – 17 Compre Skills + 12 Comprehension E-Test Papers (based on 2020 Past Year School Exam Papers)


Students will learn the following 17 Comprehension Skills:

  • 5 W and 1 H
  • With Reference to
  • T/F with Reason
  • Vocabulary in Context
  • Sequencing
  • Past vs Present
  • Before vs After
  • Problem & Solution
  • Actions & Reasons
  • Actions & Feelings
  • Similarities vs Differences
  • Advantages vs Disadvantages
  • Causes & Effects
  • Events & Results
  • Person/Thing & Qualities
  • Actions vs Consequences
  • Personal Opinion

Students will also get to practise what they have learnt as we do 12 Comprehension Tests together (based on 2020 Past Year Exam Papers). This will help lock in the knowledge of the Comprehension skills they have learnt into their mind.Parents can use the results of these 12 Comprehension Tests as a guide to see how much your Child has mastered Comprehension within six days. Tailored for PSLE students, this is a Comprehension Program not to miss! 

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PSLE March Comprehension Holiday Program
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Why is Comprehension hard?

Do students lack the aptitude? Do they lack understanding? Is it the skills? Is it the new Comprehension format introduced in 2015 that leaves everyone dumbfounded?

Does the old way of doing the usual Comprehension passages + questions attract sparkling eyes or groans from your Child? That’s why we are here to DISRUPT the way we approach Comprehension, a feat we have achieved with our Science Flashcards and Oral books!


Learnintt Comprehension Programme

17 Comprehension Skills Live + ‘Live’ Zoom lessons + 12 Comprehension Tests

Learnintt Comprehension Programme is an all-rounded program with ‘Live Teaching’ Zoom lessons and Comprehension Tests. Teachers will impart Comprehension Skills and give students hands-on practice with 12 Comprehension Tests.


The traditional way of doing Comprehension turns students off, so we need to revolutionise the way we learn. Every generation is different. We have always believed it is always Best to start with Interest. This is a proven method that has worked with Learnintt Science Flashcards, Learnintt English Oral books, Instagram and Youtube. Learnintt aims to revolutionise Comprehension by infusing Story-Telling, anime like Demon Slayer, AOT, Jujutsu Kaisen, songs, infographics, memes, K-dramas, Youtube videos, trending #hashtags and popular culture into one.


We explain it. We help you understand it, practise it and most of all, SCORE with it. Students will want to keep doing Comprehension again and again! It is, after all, topics that interest and bond them!


More Details

The Learning Professionals have devised the Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y. Method, a step-by-step guide to score with flying colours in Comprehension.

Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y. Method

Q - Question

U - Understand

A - Answer

L - Light

I - Interesting

T - To

Y - You


Go through Questions first, Understand it, then Answer, so it becomes Light and Interesting To You!


Competency Skill Building

The aim of Comprehension is to train up skills that lets students “level up”, so we have created our own Competency Skill Building Standard aka the Gold Standard for Comprehension


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