PSLE Oral Book, 2nd Edition

PSLE Oral Book, 2nd Edition

PSLE Oral Book, 2nd Edition

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PSLE Oral Book, 2nd Edition
PSLE Oral Book, 2nd Edition
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PSLE Oral Book is back! This is the 2nd Edition, newly published in March 2018!

There are 20 Oral tests. Each test consists of one passage and one Stimulus-Based Conversation, complete with answer key.

Updated with the latest talk of the town like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Scam Alert, Active Ageing, Urban Farming and familiar topics like Recycling and Racial Harmony, our resident author Hana Zhang promises the best content for your child to ace the PSLE Oral exam!

How does it look like? You can take a look at our free sample here to see how good it is!


What’s new?

For 2018, we have launched a new service: Reading Aloud Podcasts!

To give you a better idea on HOW to Read the Passages in this book, we have launched a Reading Aloud Podcast Service! Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to our website, and look for “Reading Aloud Podcast Service
  2. Add to the Shopping Cart and make payment
  3. Check your email for the download link, so you can have the Reading Aloud Podcasts on your computer. We will also send you the Reading Aloud Podcasts via WhatsApp, so Parents and Children can access and listen to the Passages anytime, anywhere

As it is a new service, out of 20 Reading Aloud Passages, 3 Passages will be a Free Download trial for you. Download the free Reading Aloud Podcasts here


Differences between 2017 Edition vs 2018 Edition:

  •  4 topics have been removed from 2017 Edition. In place, 4 new topics have been added into the 2018 Edition.
    • The topics removed are: Learning Apps on your iPhone and iPad, Fun Fest at Clarke Quay, Singapore’s Dinosaur Museum and Pokemon Uncle and Kindness.
    • The new topics added are: Donate Your Used Glasses, CPR and AED Skills, Be Water Smart and Train Breakdown.
    • In terms of content, 20% is new
  • Simple Guideline on the Steps to do Oral Reading and Stimulus-Based Conversation is newly added
  • Checklist on the things to take note like Tone, Volume of Reading, Eye Contact and Organisation of Content during Oral is newly added. To help students to score higher in Oral, you can download this checklist here


Additional Oral Service: Oral Grading Service by Hana Zhang

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As Hana is the writer of our Oral books, she is the best person for the job. She has worked with over 500 Primary and Secondary School students in the past 10 years, so her experience and expertise will definitely help! Click here to purchase your Oral Grading service now