STEM Toy: Hovering Compass (For Age 4-8)

STEM Toy: Hovering Compass (For Age 4-8)

STEM Toy: Hovering Compass (For Age 4-8)

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Help your child gain an advantage in their future careers by developing STEM Skills.

As you know, MOE is putting greater emphasis and encouraging students as young as 4 to start learning about STEM.

You might ask "Why STEM? and what are the benefits?" STEM also known as "Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics" gives students hands on learning with real world applications.

World technology is advancing at an incredible speed, and with a good head start with STEM skills, the child will benefit in life, especially in their future careers.

What is included:

  1. Hovering Compass STEM Toy Set with instructions (DIY)
  2. Step by step video by Mandy (Founder)
  3. Printed Worksheets with answer key

About the STEM TOY (Hovering Compass)

Do you know Earth has its own magnetic field? Just like the blue sky, Earth’s magnetic field has always been there. Discovered by accident, lodestones (magnets) were further refined and a compass was born. Hailed as one of the top four inventions of China, let’s discover and see for ourselves how magnets are used in a compass to tell direction, since they always rest in a North-South direction due to Earth’s magnetic field.

We will also do two additional experiments commonly seen in Primary School homework, tests and exams: the number of paper clips attracted by a magnet + the ‘floating’ paper clip with this Hovering Compass STEM Toy. Be a scientist and note down your observations by circling 🙂 or 🙁. Answer Key provided.

All worksheets and answer key are printed out and enclosed in the STEM Toy kit.

💪 Process Skills Learned: Observation skills, Making Predictions

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STEM Toy: Hovering Compass (For Age 4-8)
STEM Toy: Hovering Compass (For Age 4-8)
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